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SIRENE MASK TONER 120ml (english version)

RM 138.00

What is the mask toner⁉️ Market seems never seen it yet⁉️

Sirene Mask Toner can be your only one which has advance product research and development (R&D).

Are you lazy to apply facemask accordingly but it is a MUST for Your skincare routine?

  [Time-saving + Fast + Efficacy]

  Sirene Mask Toner can do it 💪

  Apply mask & toner 2 in 1 in the same time.

  No need to wait No need to wash off

  Apply directly and absorb instantly‼️

2 effects for skin in just 1 product (Sirene Mask Toner)

  👉Skin direct absorb Mask + Toner

  👉The solid ingredient will become water texture when it is exposed to the temperature.


👉Effective for acne, redness calming and allergy

👉Anti-aging, anti skin fatigue, repairing, after-sun repair


👉Moisturizing and hydrating to increase skin water level

 👉Softens dead skin and tightens pores

 👉Calming inflammation & clear skin bacteria