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SIRENE Collagen Bomb (english version)

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Why do you need to replenish collagen?
 The human body can't avoid natural aging, and one of the main reasons is the loss of collagen, especially the ladies!
 Collagen is a fibrous protein produced by good fibroblasts. Its role is to reinforcing the skin structure of the skin tissue and making it look rich. When the production rate of collagen mother cells gradually slowed down, the loss rate can't catch up, and the phenomenon will be loss.
 Collagen Bombs
 Hydrolyzed collagen is a hydrolyzed form of collagen. Sirène, our hydrolyzed collagen produced with carefully-controlled enzymatic hydrolysis making it smaller in size, hence digestible.
 Hydrolyzed collagen well-known for its neutral taste and odor, makes it easier to consume by the body, optimizes the effects of collagen that offer to your body. Ingredients of Sirène are 100% derived from natural sources and they are free of side-effects. In fact, hydrolyzed collagen contains more than 97% of protein.
 Plant-Based Ampoules Extract
 Herbal Distillates are the liquid solution distillation process of aromatic plants. During the process, the components of oil and water are separated. Due to different density, the water which is extracted as the end product sinks in essential oil. In addition to the minute amounts of essential oil mixed in water, Herbal Distillates contain water-soluble substances which usually found in plants. These water-soluble substances are rich in minerals that are lacking in the essential oils. With its unsaturated characteristic, Herbal Distillates can be easily absorbed by the skin. It is definitely fragrance-free and alcohol-free as well as mild and non-irritative. Herbal Distillates can be used daily, as the alternative of masks made out of distilled water in the market.
 Whitening - Stimulates new cell generation giving the skin a fresh & youthful appearance and effectively get rid of dull skin.
 Hydrating - A revolutionary essential formula to optimize skin hydration.
 Minimizing pores - Shrink pores while making your skin more elastic.
 Anti-oxidant - Effective anti-oxidant with anti-aging for your skin.
 Repairing - Repairs damages and stimulates skin cell regeneration.
 How to use:
 Step 1: Tear off the aluminum foil of the collagen bomb.
 Step 2: Opening snap off ampoule. Adding ampoule into the glass collagen bomb.
 Step 3: After the collagen bomb completely dissolved, apply gently to the cleansed face.
 Step 4: Don't need to clean after use. Wait for it to dry naturally.
 For the best result, use it every night.
 For people with loose skin, sagging, enlarged pores, dry lines, dull, yellowish, and premature skin.
 After being absorbed by the skin, collagen can replenish skins that lack collagen, soothe and repair, increase skin elasticity, and keep the skin healthy. It also can perfectly form a film on the skin surface to narrow pores, compact skin, dilute fine lines, moisturize skin, improve skin, and make skin moist and bright.